5 Powerful Signs-Motivations & Tips For Caring Less

caring less

One of the most difficult challenges when starting over in life, is caring less what other people think.

This podcast examines the issue of caring too much… 5 signs that indicate a problem, 5 motivations for changing and 5 tips for caring less and with greater compassion.

How many of your thoughts are devoted to the opinion of others? And have you ever experienced self loathing and misery because of someone’s opinion about your thinking or actions?

Have you ever considered that your entire being—your personality, your thoughts, and your actions—are controlled by an idealized standard of what other people want to see. 

These are some general considerations and the podcast gives 5 specific examples that indicate you care too much.

There are also 5 motivations for changing how much you care now.

One of the the most important motivations is the issue of  you giving away your power and being open to manipulation.

It’s great to know we have a problem and that we need to change but more important is knowing how.

You can learn 5 tips about how to care less what people think with greater compassion in the podcast.

I provide a bonus tip and a simple practice that will greatly reduce your anxiety when you implement changes to your life as well as how to deal with resistance.

By becoming self-aware and understanding what we have to do to change how we care, we can lead a life of joy and authenticity instead of letting external factors take over our life.

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