Would you like a recording or a custom meditation?

Sometimes you wish for a specific meditation that you could listen to over and over. Here is where you can get it.

Each time you listen to a meditation you hear something new and it affects you differently. I know I have benefitted from many repeated meditations.

Custom Meditation

Sometimes you want something personal and channelled just for you. This always begins with a chat so I can get a sense of who you are and your struggles & dreams. Sometimes I sense something you are unaware of and I incorporate it into your custom designed meditation.

Custom Sound Healing Meditation $129

Calea J Mune

Thank you so so very much RonyaLynn! I absolutely love my meditation. You customized the meditation perfectly because I absolutely resonate with the messages you have picked for me.

​The complimenting sounds and instruments are *perfect* along with your melodious voice. My deeper mind responds really well to these types of sounds and I feel a lot of stress leave while listening to this meditation. It has left my mind clearer and I've been able to work through some pretty big issues. Each time I listen to it I am more grounded yet more free at the same time to feel good about being me.

​This meditation has exceeded my expectations.


Library Growing

Liz Azan

I have no words to describe how thankful I am for RonaLynn’s meditation. I was stuck in a loop of feeling I wasn’t good enough and pulling back from great opportunities in my business because I was scared of them. But after listening to RonaLynn’s custom meditation for me, things started changing for me, like a shift happened in my business that I never expected.

After only a couple of weeks, I had the best month in my business this year! And my confidence has also grown. I didn’t expect anything to happen so quickly. I highly recommend RonaLynn’s custom meditation as they are so high quality and I love the sounds she’s included in the meditation, it’s so soothing and has such a calming affect. You can just tell she’s put in a lot of work and research in making this perfect just for you. Thanks RonaLynn!