Expert Advice On Caregiving: An Interview with Cynthia Orange


Does caregiving sometimes make you feel as though you've lost part of yourself?

Most of us shift between caregiving and care-taking at various times throughout our life so it's really important to know how to find a balance between the two.

That's because one will leave you fulfilled and the other one will drain you––but it's not always an obvious choice.

In this episode, I interview Cynthia Orange about her latest book, "Take Good Care: Finding Your Joy in Compassionate Caregiving"

Cynthia is an award winning author, editor, and writing consultant and she sheds some light on the issue of caregiving and how to ensure the experience is both loving and mutually beneficial.

We also examine some of the ways people can lose themselves when caring of others and how to correct that habit.

You can learn more about Cynthia on her website HERE

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