Obliterate Your Overwhelm In 3 Days Or Less


Let me guess, you're tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Ya, I sucks!

Constant demands on your time from people who drain you like a sump pump in a flooding basement.

It’s exhausting!

When you wake up, your feet barely hit the floor before the voice inside your head reminds you of your to-do list and everyone including the dog is looking to you for immediate solutions to their problems.

How did this happen?

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There’s no time to sit down and put your feet up at any time during your day and if you’re honest, you used to take a little pride in the fact that you could handle whatever was thrown at you.

But notice you’ve developed a short fuze.

Your emotions are all over the place. Sometimes resentful, definitely frustrated and occasionally, angry. Everyone looks to you for support, but where is your support?

Your life does not feel balanced and it is wearing you down.

That’s exactly why I created a brand new FREE 3 day challenge “Frazzled to Unflappable” made up of bite-sized rituals that will soothe your stress and calm your ‘crazy busy’ life.

In just 5 minute bites of your day a day, you can become a blissfully more balanced, less burnt out you. (Really!)

The simplicity of this challenge is brilliant and it’s a no-brainer because it is guaranteed to help you regain your energy and balance.

Sound good?

Here's how it rolls…

Each day for only 3 days you will:

  1. Open & read a short, snappy email with a quick coaching lesson and 1-2 easy optional actions for the day to help you decrease your overwhelm and increase your ease.

  2. Implement a simple 5 minute ritual 3 times a day to help you reset your balance point and feel inspired by your life. (3 downloadable guided meditations included)

YUP! That’s it!

Are you ready to take it Easy-Y?



 Founder Gong Bath Meditations 

RonaLynn is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Conflict Management Specialist, Values Consultant, Teacher and Creativity Coach. 

She has been helping people renew their sense of well-being and personal direction for almost a decade.

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