How To Manage Your Energy

manage your energy

Learning how to manage your energy rather than your time has a greater effect on your happiness and fulfillment.

This episode introduces a new podcast name and explains how making a micro mindshift has a powerful effect on managing and accelerating change.

Each short episode in this series will provide insight to dispel the relationship of lack of time and fulfillment.

Tips and practices will be provided over several episodes to help you shift your perspective and fel better about your accomplishments.  

How often have you said, "If only there were more hours in the day." I know I have uttered that expression countless times.  

We imagine if we had more time we would be happier, richer and more content. 


Often our big plans for all the exciting things we're going to do with our lives and even just our evenings – don't come into fruition. 

Maybe we need to look at time and how we spend it–differently. 

When you start believing you don't have enough time in a day–it might be a good idea to take an inventory of how you fill your day.

But it's not just re-organizing our current time that's helpful. It's also imperative that you acknowledge all that you accomplish during the time that you have.

Suddenly, it becomes very apparent that Time is not the problem after all. And so it follows that time management isn't the solution to your fulfillment.. 

The problem is energy.

Let’s face it—the reason you crash in the evenings is because you have no energy after a tough day fulfilling all of your responsibilities and obligations.

What you need to focus on is how to manage your energy and this series is dedicated in helping you increase your energy so you feel happy and fulfilled.

Begin by imagining what your life would look like if you had endless energy. Then we will examine some common energy drains and how to correct them as well as build your energy.