How To Stop Energy Drains: Managing Your Energy Part 2

stop energy drains

How To Stop Energy Drains is Part 2 of the series How To Manage Your Energy. 

You can listen to Part 1 HERE.

The first thing you need to understand about managing your energy levels, is that energy begets energy. In other words–if you're smart with your energy management, it will ultimately yield even more energy for you. 

On the other hand though, if you go about energy management in the wrong way or you don't think about it properly, then you will have low energy that gets worse. 

Your energy levels are deeply ingrained into your routine and they have likely become self-sustaining. If you're not happy with where they are at this point, then that means you need to look for ways to break the cycle with a positive change. 

It's important to start looking at energy as a finite quantity. Stop asking yourself whether you have time to fit something in and instead ask yourself whether you're going to have the energy to fit that same thing in.

This podcast identifies some common 'energy drains' in our routines that could be replaced.

Our next episode will examine some ways to increase your energy.