How To Use Meditation To Manage Anxiety

manage anxiety

Would you like to know how to use meditation to manage anxiety?

This episode discusses how mindfulness is used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and to manage anxiety and panic attacks.

Mindfulness is the practice of increasing awareness with compassion and nowhere is this more needed than when experiencing extreme distress.

Discover how to restructure your beliefs that trigger your anxious thoughts.

Listen to a guided meditation to help you become more present and break the cycle of habitual thoughts that are the cause of your anxiety.

With practice you will stop being a slave to your anxious thoughts and master your emotions.

There are two meditations you can download. One is with music and one without. Both provide a short practice that moves quickly to keep you focused.

I recommend listening to the podcast first and make your self comfortable for the meditation. Listening with headphones is optimal.

If you are a beginner and would like to get some tips and a shorter meditation–then check out Episode 15: Staring Meditation The Easy Way.

Download A Complementary Meditation