Is Self-Care Eluding You? Tips To Avoid Self-care Neglect

self-care neglect

Self-care is essential for well-being.

You may not realize that the level of care you give yourself may be regarded as self-care neglect. 

Before you can make a conscious effort to improve the level of care you give to yourself, you need to pinpoint the ways you are ignoring self-care. 

In this episode we examine some common ways we ignore our self-care so that you can know where to place your focus.

Here are the highlights for making sure you aren't neglecting self-care

  • The pitfalls of selflessness
  • How exercise & nutrition neglect affects more than your appearance
  • How a simple daily practice can improve your self-care
  • check
    Who you surround yourself with counts
  • check
    Why now is the best time to change
  • check
     The biggest obstacle to creating the change you want
  • check
    The role of worthiness and an invitation to join a group

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