How To Manage Frustration: 3 Tips & A Meditation


Does frustration make you feel like every door is closed in your life?

In this episode I help you shift your perspective and bring some relief.

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    3 Helpful Tips For Managing Frustration
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    10 Minute Guided Meditation

Frustration often feels like a series of doors that keep closing and you wonder which door will be the right one to achieve the goal you desire.

It's natural to feel helpless when everything you’ve tried doesn't seem to work. The change or goal you desire to manifest seems out of reach. 

These experiences can be internalized and trigger your negative self-talk, where you question your worth.

Frustration can also ignite the blame flame and once this fire is lit––well, let's just say that it propels you further from your goal.

Although frustration can’t be avoided entirely, but it can be effectively managed. 

When all else fails, sometimes it's a good idea to step back and re-examine the cause of your feelings and ask some questions that will help re-set your resolve and diminish your frustration.

In the meantime...try one or all of the practical suggestions I mention on the podcast. They will help.