The Most Important Thing That Will Change Your Life

most important thing

The most important thing that will change your life may be more obvious than you realize. 

We all like to believe we know ourself very well. But the truth is, we don't know what we don't know.

In this podcast episode I share two stories that illustrate how inaccurate we are at defining ourselves and how we can change that.

You can usually tell when someone is uncertain about the most important thing in their life. There seems to be a lack of alignment–an incongruence.

Often people are very unaware of the misalignment in their life and instead they focus on external circumstances that is creating some conflict in their life.

There's nothing like a real life example of how this lack of clarity shows up in life and how you can change it.

Like you, I believed I knew what the most important thing was in my life. However I woke up to the discomfort and incongruence in my own life only to learn that what I believed was most important didn't even make the top ten list, when tested.

I would like to save you from the same confusion and disillusionment I experienced and I hope the stories I provide will spark your own curiosity and test your beliefs about what is the most important thing in your life.

I will tell you that if you are experiencing any kind of conflict in your life, there may be a blind spot in your life that is affecting your perception.

You'll learn that Discovering The Real You is the most important thing you can do in life. It is foundational to self-care and living authentically.

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