I'm RonaLynn, Founder of
Gong Bath Meditations

I believe everyone can start over in life.

My mission is to help you bring harmony and balance to your life so that you can feel peace and joy.

 There are six core values that define my beliefs and my services for you:

These are my top priority values that I bring to serve you.

❤️   Presence: ​holding space for you in such a way that you increase your self-knowledge and inner wisdom.

❤️   Sharing, listening and Trust: actively hearing and sensing your thoughts and feelings to create a space of mutual trust so that you can express and hear your own thoughts and feelings.

❤️   Communication: sharing insights that are compelling and transformative so that you can see the world with fresh eyes and start over with a new perspective.

❤️   Vision: empowering you to take action to live your dreams as you start over.

❤️   Integrity and Congruity: aligning my actions and beliefs to provide the most authentic and supportive service for the fulfillment of your dreams.

The Sound of Purpose

Every story, no matter how great or small, has to begin somewhere. And in my case, my story — the story of Gong Bath Meditations — started nearly a decade ago, in the same place yours probably is right now.

My particular specialization lies in Conflict Analysis & Management, and I combine my professional skills as a Certified Mediator, Teacher, Values Consultant and Creativity Coach with my training as a certified Matrix Energetics and Sound Healing Practitioner, with every client I help. I find inspiration in art, solitude in nature, and love in my grandchildren.

Right now, you could pick out any of my qualifications and assume that my family background and personal history lent itself to this line of work. In fact, you may even think that I always knew what I wanted. After all, how could I help other people find their way to happiness if I didn’t know my own?

Truth be told, though, I wasn’t always aware of what my calling was. There was a time, I felt very lost and confused about my life. I had no intention of ever becoming a sound healer, but the universe had other plans for me. For a long time, I was, in my mind, a four-letter word I dreaded: lost.

At that point in my life, I felt exhausted. I was dealing with trouble from all fronts - personally, professionally, and spiritually. My plate was full of things to do, but deep inside, I was empty. All my life choices seemed like they no longer worked anymore. If only I knew back then what I know now. My calling surprised me, and quite honestly, I kind of resisted it for a long time. But after seeing such remarkable transformations in myself and others, I just knew I was meant to share my calling with others. If I had known that there are people out there who, like me, needed help finding their way to well-being and contentment and that my offerings provided immense relief, I would have gone down this path much earlier.

Right now, you could be wanting to restore your health and happiness or to get positive affirmation from the important figures in your life. Perhaps you need acknowledgment or a way to make the burden you carry a lot lighter. Or perhaps you are looking for concrete, reliable help in getting over the things that cause emotional discord in your life.

The weight of personal baggage carried by many, can become overwhelming. In my case, it became a burden I could no longer bare. Through Rona Lynn’s expertise and Gong Bath Meditation Therapy, I was able to rid myself of the anger and anxiety that has plagued me throughout my life. It has been a truly healing experience.

Dan Sullivan

Through Gong Bath Meditations, I have been providing assistance to people for nearly a decade, striving to become a source of perspective, guidance, comfort, stability, and even hope for them. Through sound healing and consistent positive reinforcement, I work with clients in restoring and renewing their sense of well-being; in essence, giving them a new lease on life.

Schedule a complementary Breakthrough Session where we will create a clear plan for your well-being.

With the skills I’ve acquired over the years, I know what tools and procedures to use based on what your current situation is. And believe me, I understand how important — and difficult — it is to choose whom we work on our personal matters.

You may even be wondering if I have the ability to really “get” your problems and if I’m trustworthy.

I connect easily with people because I genuinely care about who you are.

Being with RonaLynn is a truly uplifting experience. Her guidance has been a remarkable part of my journey and I feel blessed with every opportunity I have to explore further levels of myself that the conscious and waking world do not always afford me.

Rachel Slurs

If there’s one thing that my clients and lifelong friends and acquaintances can say about me, it’s that I connect easily with people. The solution is simple: that’s because I genuinely care about who you are. The values that I hold so dear to me — sharing/listening/trust and presence/being; where I actively hear and sense another's thoughts and feelings, provide the quality of presence which evokes self-knowledge and awareness in others. It is this sense of empathy that has not only led me to this path but has also opened the floodgates for me to learn so much about it.

My personal journey of learning to recognize and overcome disempowering habitual thoughts began more than a decade ago. It has been a long, yet extremely rewarding road to bring comfort to so many people.

I hope that starting today; I can be a comfort to you too.

I Provide Perspective – Guidance – Comfort – Stability – Hope

I would recommend Energy Healing with Rona Lynn's Gong Bath Meditations to absolutely everyone. A thoroughly enjoyable experience you won't want to end!

Rick Keyton
Charlene Hiebert

​​After several consecutive sessions, I found that my positive inner voice grew louder.

Schedule a complementary Breakthrough Session where we will create a clear plan for your well-being.