Shift Happens

One Day Reinvention Adventure

 Have You Lost Yourself–Trying To Please Others?

You’re exhausted—tired of going through the motions of everyday life.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to drop everything and leave it all behind–from the daily domestic duties and routines with your family, to the never-ending demands at work. 

Somehow, you feel like you’ve lost yourself. You wonder what happened to your joy and enthusiasm for life.

From the outside, your life might look pretty sweet to other people, but you know you are struggling and the strain of putting on your happy face is getting harder and harder to sustain.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • Are you a people pleaser––overwhelmed spending your life fulfilling other people’s needs before your own?
  • Do you secretly feel resentful, anxious, or angry as day after day you watch yourself move farther and farther away from the life that you thought you would live?
  • Do you feel like time is running out to realize your dreams

Is Your Life At A Crossroads?

Something has to change if you are going to avoid burnout and a major meltdown. Which way do you go to create the change you need?

It Took A Major Meltdown Before I Could Focus On Me

Many years have passed, but I remember my meltdown, like it was yesterday.

My life looked great on the outside, but inside I was anxious, depressed and lost.

How was it possible that I could feel so disconnected from the people I loved the most?

People considered me to be caring and kind.

However, a subtle habit of putting the needs and wants of other people before my own was something I couldn't shift.

Can you relate?

My innate empathetic ability allowed me to fulfill needs and desires before they were even expressed and it became expected.

It became easy to ignore my needs because it was assumed they were the same as everyone else.

Nobody is at fault for my experience–not even me. But it took many years to understand my relationship habits and change them.

Therapy provided invaluable support, but it was my studies with conflict and values profiling that made the greatest change in my perceptions, choices, and experience.

I learned how to focus on the life I want to live while still being considerate and empathetic.

You can too.

What If You Could Put Yourself First
Without Feeling Guilty?

Imagine This....

  • You have clearly defined priorities and boundaries.
  • You have the confidence and skills needed to deal with resistance.
  • You are unaffected by old triggers that previously made you feel anxious or depressed.
  • You have more energy and enthusiasm living a balanced life.


RonaLynn empowers her clients

RonaLynn is not only professionally trained but is gifted in being able to recognize one's patterns, strengths and weaknesses. By listening with genuine attentiveness and asking the right questions, she empowers her clients with the tools to guide the course of their own lives.

RonaLynn truly "walks the talk" and is authentic in who she is in every aspect of her life. Her expertise and proficiency in identifying and understanding the core values driving oneself will empower clients with the clarity and focus that will inevitably lead to a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Leslie Nepon

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Here's What You Should Know

You can shift your life experience right now.

  • It’s not too late.
  • It doesn't have to take years.
  • You don’t have to enrol in a months long program.
  • You don’t need special powers.
  • You don't have to wait for permission or cooperation of others.

You can create massive change–in one day using my Shift Happens System that provides strategic solutions that are aligned with your true self.

You will benefit with:

  • Help to clarify your dreams and desires.
  • Skills to deal with resistance and boundaries.
  • Support to develop your confidence.

I am here to facilitate your transformation so that you don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore.

Are you ready to shift your experience and transform your life?

My mission

In this transformational day, you’re going to massively reduce your stress and make a quantum shift in your people pleasing struggle as you gain the courage, confidence and skills you need to deal with resistance–so that you’ll have a plan in place to focus at least 30% more of your energy on yourself without feeling guilty or hurting your relationships.

Your mission should you choose to accept it...

You will take one day out from putting everybody else’s needs above your own and put it exclusively on your self, so you can transform your struggle into happiness and well-being–despite circumstances.


Since my one day intensive with RonaLynn, I have put the power back into my hands, in place of feeling at the mercy of others or of circumstances in general.

Wendy Wilson 

What shift would you like to happen in your life? Book your FREE 30-minute Breakthrough Session today and get...

Clarity about the relief you want and the challenges that may be sabotaging your success.

Discover the essential building block needed to build the confidence you want.

Uncover the #1 obstacle preventing you from achieving the trust you need to achieve your goal.

Complete your consultation renewed, re-energized and inspired, knowing your exact next step.

How Will Your Life Change From The Shift Happens?

1. Enthusiasm:

Your enthusiasm for life is ignited as you focus 20-30% more of your time on yourself without harming your relationships.

2. Expansion: 

You experience a sense of expansion as you release your primary limiting belief and create new healthy strategies that protect your boundaries and desires. 

3. Awareness:

Your body is now a powerful source for deepening your awareness and instilling new ways to interact with your world.

4. Tools:

You have new simple tools and exercises to easily manage change.

5. Peace:

Feelings of anxiety and depression dissolve as you reconnect with inner peace and contentment beyond measure.

6. Connection:

You feel connected to your authentic self and your light shines affecting everything and everyone in your life.

7. Happiness:

Your relationships are easier and you blissfully fulfill your needs and desires without feeling guilty.

8. Balance:

Your life feels balanced and aligned with your soul’s purpose.


If you are seeking a masterful and compassionate person to support you–then you are in the right hands.

RonaLynn will take you on a journey to yourself that will delight, surprise and affirm you and change your life.

Karynne Courts 
Values Connection

Yes, you can shift your life experience. Let me show you how.

If you are committed to changing your life but still feel uncertain about how–then I urge you to book a complimentary call and get started now.

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