The Secret To Lasting Change

lasting change

Have you ever wondered what the secret was to lasting change?

We all want to create lasting change-right? I mean it’s frustrating and disappointing to keep repeating a 1 step forward 2 steps back scenario that keeps us stuck. 

Nobody wants to fall back into old limiting problems and habits.

One of the challenges of changing your life is knowing where to focus your attention to ensure satisfactory and lasting results.

Many people make a crucial mistake when they try to transform their life. 

This episode reveals the essential steps for creating lasting change.

While it’s not completely accurate to say all you have to do is change your thinking…It is true  you always do begin with your mind.

You think about all the things that are wrong with your life and how you want it to change. You imagine what you want your world to look like and you try to think positively.

Some people get stuck in a fantasy without making any real change to their life.

Other people make physical changes to themselves & their life by focusing on or their body or how they interact with their world. 

For example maybe you change the way you eat or move or maybe you change your job or your relationships

Some people feel they need to heal themselves spiritually and so they focus on their spiritual development.

All of these actions are good however the mistake people make & I certainly include myself here--is focusing on one area and ignoring all the rest. 

Just like the transformation process I’ve spoken about before. where each component makes up the system for positive change--you have to do the same thing with yourself.

You are a whole and complete system and to truly manifest lasting change you have to include the whole of who you are. 

You do that by integrating your body, mind & spirit.

You may have heard this before--but how do you do it?

It’s critical that you create alignment of all the components of who you are.

That means knowing your true self.

And trust me--in my experience most of us are completely blind to our true motivators.

What are some signs of misalignment?

Well, If you focus on your mind activity but it isn’t aligned with your spirit and your physical reality--you will be stuck in your head, your heart will feel neglect and your world won’t change much or for long.

If you focus on your spiritual world excluding your rational mind and your physical world--you will be living a fantasy that lacks practical applications.

Often people try to convince themselves that their physical & intellectual desires are unworthy in the spiritual realm.

If you focus on your physical world at the exclusion of your intellect and your soul--you may have a great life on the outside, but feel empty inside.

You might be living the life of someone else and get burnt out from your efforts to live up to the expectations of others.

So the only way to create lasting change in your life is to integrate all of who you are--your mind, body & spirit.

So the next time you feel discontent--begin with the 1st stage of transformation, which is reflection about what you want to change and why.

Then consider how you will restore the whole of who your are and what changes will nurture your restoration. This is the 2nd stage of transformation.

What changes do you need to make to yourself? your body, your mind and your spirit  to experience your desires?

What part of you is being ignored or diminished and how can you nurture it?

Then you are ready for the 3rd stage of transformation , which is rebuilding.

As you rebuild yourself you your life will transform because you are integrating changes to your whole self using the transformation process of reflection, restoring and rebuilding.

Does this make sense?

You know so many people talk about transformation but they don’t give you practical steps to achieve it.

It’s so important to me that I wanted to share this with you so that you can stop feeling stuck and achieve the lasting change you desire. 

I hope you found this helpful and if you did then I hope you share it. You can also download an infographic below.

If you’re like me--visuals help you learn and understand.