Yes! You Can Find Calm Within The Chaos

Even if you are feeling totally burnt out, overwhelmed, completely stressed and emotionally drained.

If you're here, you probably fall into one of two camps:

You feel so overwhelmed and burnt out by all the demands in your life and relationships–from petty co-workers, family expectations and responsibilities, or miscommunication between you and your partner–that you think peace and happiness are an impossible dream...

Or you’re on the brink or the tail end of a drama or crisis and feel like your life is out of control...

Either way if you're daydreaming about a calmer life (but don’t know how to get there) or feel like you’re desperate for a major soul revival and recharge, good news: You’re in the right place.

And better news? It doesn't have to be hard to find the calm within the chaos.

Hi. I'm RonaLynn

As a professional mediator and conflict resolution expert, sound healing practitioner and coach, I’ve been helping people eliminate stress and instil a calm confidence that reignites joy and well-being in their life for almost a decade.

My mission is simple: help you mend your mind, soothe your spirit and restore your energy (while helping you shift your mindset, beliefs and conditions you need to make transformational changes in your life).

And your mission–should you choose to accept it–is to commit to transforming your stress today so you can experience the calm you've been dreaming of.

Are you ready to feel a blissful balance like you've never experienced before?

You Have The Power To Change Your Life
Right Now


Healing sound therapy designed to transform your stress into ease, calm your anxiety and shrink your worries and concerns down to size. (All with no actual bath–or clothes-removal–required.) You’ll walk away feeling connected, restored and complete.


Do you feel overwhelmed putting the needs of other people before your own? Need a hand (and open-heart) to help you reinvent yourself? With my unique blend of sound healing and transformational coaching, I'll help you get clear on what you want–and give you the personal support you need–to start living your life without worry and guilt, and with greater confidence.

If you want to know with certainty how to focus on yourself without harming your relationships, establish strategies to help you deal with resistance so you can become happier and content with your present as you move confidently into the future, this is for you.

What Others Say


I truly loved the Gong Bath Meditations with Rona Lynn, Her environment is beautiful and relaxing, a wonderful safe space which feels... Right!. I found it very easy to drift off into a completely different world, Rona Lynn has a unique ability to express the sounds used in her Gongs and Bowls to take you on a wonderful inner journey of exploration, which I personally found to be both exciting / exhilarating, and calming / soothing. At times feeling completely at one with the Universe.

Rick Keyton


My sessions with RonaLynn have been transformational. RonaLynn has an innate ability to tap into whatever requires my attention. Her gentle prompts and kind understanding have allowed me to "let go" parts of me that do not serve me.

Anna Cianflone


Being with RonaLynn is a truly uplifting experience. Her guidance has been a remarkable part of my journey and I feel blessed with every opportunity I have to explore further levels of myself that the conscious and waking world do not always afford me.

Rachel Surs

Let's Face It. ​L​ife Can Be Crazy!
Let me make it

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Here's A Truth

If you could change all by yourself–it would already be done. We all need challenge & support if we truly want to grow.

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